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About Us

Company P.W.H.U Import - Export B & W Jórdeczka exists since 1998.

We are actively transporting goods in European countries, especially in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, England as well as national transport. We have our own fleet, which we enlarge from time to time, so we are able to offer you a service of high standard of quality, even for the most demanding transport orders.

We transport according to the transportation laws and the international CMR agreement. We have many certificates, community licenses and carrier liability insurance of EUR 200 000. It is our concern to adapt to the needs of our customers. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and will assist you in all circumstances. As competent forwarding agents, we strive to ensure smooth transport around the clock.

All our drivers have professional qualifications, so your cargo is in trusting hands. Cellular telephones allow us to stay in constant contact with our drivers. We assure you that we will perform our services and duties with the utmost care and that our business relationship will be positive and profitable for both sides.


The main focus of the company is in the field of international transport, national transport and forwarding. We deliver a wide range of goods entrusted to us. Depending on the size and amount of freight, we can always access our fleet in order to deliver the goods on time and undamaged with the right vehicles. We have vehicles with a load capacity of 1.5t to 24t, all equipped with a GPS tracking system.

At your request we are able to deliver the goods within 48 hours to the named address throughout Europe. In addition our company has warehouse space for reloading and for storage.

The prices are individual and are negotiated directly with the customer, depending on the type of freight, the size, the length of the route and the necessary time to carry out the transport.

Transport and Forwarding

The company B & W offers the following transport services:

  • Groupage transport
  • Part load transport
  • Full load transport
  • Express transport
  • Dedicated transport

Thanks to our great expertise in the field of international and national transport we realize even the most complicated transport orders at the highest level through our knowledgeable staff.

We specialized particularly in international groupage transport and express transport. Through our own fleet and cooperation with trusted contractors we have access to many vehicles throughout Europe.


At your disposal we offer vehicles:

    • sprinter
    • VAN - EXPRESS delivery
    • Body Type: Curtain Side - Tilt

    • Load lenght: up to 4,4m

    • Width: 2,2m

    • Hight: up to 2,3m

    • Volume: 22m3

    • Gross Load Weight: up to 1,5t

    • Pallets space: 8ep

    • atego
    • 12t truck with TAIL LIFT
    • Body Type: Curtain Side - Tilt

    • Load lenght: up to 7,5m

    • Width: 2,5m

    • Hight: up to 2,8m

    • Volume: 52m3

    • Gross Load Weight: up to 7t

    • Pallets space: 18ep

    • actross
    • MEGA trailer
    • Body Type: Curtain Side - Tilt

    • Load lenght: up to 13,6m

    • Width: 2,5m

    • Hight: up to 3,0m

    • Volume: 102m3

    • Gross Load Weight: up to 24t

    • Pallets space: 33ep


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